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Biochar Production Technology

Biochar is a highly pure carbon material obtained through the thermochemical conversion of biomass in an oxygen-limited environment.

How we make it

We have licensed the leading slow pyrolysis technology from the US which allows Thai Carbon to produce high quality biochar with very low emissions.

The process consists of loading kilns with suitable dry feedstocks (i.e. bamboo, eucalyptus, cassava rhizomes, etc.) and heating to temperatures above 650°C for several hours in the absence of oxygen.

The self-heating breaks down the biomass components leaving behind a carbon structure that preserves the original biological porous cellular matrix. While the emissions control stack efficiently converts the complex syngas components into clean gas emissions. 

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After the biochar has cooled in an oxygen free environment, it is crushed and screened into four sizes for different customer applications.  Our biochar is not quenched with water, which is common with other manufacturers, giving our customers the opportunity to start with a base raw material that can be further processed as desired.

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